Children’s Prostheses

Their gaze in the future begins here and now.

At Clínica Llapart we do a special monitoring of the child’s growth. We study and analyze each transformation of the cavity to adapt our prostheses and achieve the best result both aesthetically and functionally.


All our prostheses are made to measure from a meticulous measurement of the child’s cavity. In this way we achieve an adaptation with maximum comfort and reality in 3D finish in her ocular prosthesis.


We constantly monitor the evolution and structural changes of the child’s cavity, in order to make the necessary adjustments and retouches to improve their comfort and verify that we follow the protocol provided to obtain an aesthetic and functional optimal result in adulthood.

Due to our personal experience at Clínica Llapart, we are able to interpret everything that the child feels and cannot or knows how to express to us, and thus be able to make the necessary modifications to improve their comfort.

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