Prosthetic Clinic

Llapart began its dedication to the manufacture and adaptation of ocular prostheses in 1956, continuing until today with the opening in 2007 of a new centre in Barcelona, run by:

Francisco Llapart Castilla. Ocularist-Dr.Pharmacy-Dr Optometry (UB-ICLondon), Superior Orthopedic Technician (UB)

Fco. M. Correa. Ocularist, Psychologist and Medical Director


The new cabinet arises from the desire to offer patients highly specialized services in ocular prostheses, epitheses and contact lenses. Located in the centre of Barcelona, between Plaza España and estación de Sants, the new centre is equipped with the most advanced technology in terms of facilities, laboratory and cabinet.

All our products and services are made individually, tailored to each patient. This allows to increase in a notable way the degree of satisfaction of the patient with the final result, besides a direct communication between patient and specialist to assure all the details in the final adaptation.

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